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The St Andrews Links occupy a narrow strip of land along the sea-shore).As early as the 15th century, golfers at St Andrews established a trench through the undulating terrain, playing to holes whose locations were dictated by topography.and Scots golfers have the most victories at the Open at 42 wins, one ahead of the United States.Although golf is often seen as an elitist sport elsewhere in the world, in the land of its birth it enjoys widespread appeal across the social spectrum, in line with the country's egalitarian tradition.The modern game was spread by Scots to the rest of the world.

The Old Links at Musselburgh Racecourse is claimed to be the oldest playing golf course in the world.For example, the Old Course at St Andrews is a charitable trust and Musselburgh Links is public courses.Council-owned courses, with low fees and easy access, are common throughout the country wherever demography and geography allow.the spelling changed from Medieval golf to Early Modern gowf, and then back again.The Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue gives the etymology of the word golf or gouf (with many alternative spellings) as probably from the Dutch kolf (see Kolven, a Dutch indoor ballgame); although the dictionary also records the noun golf (with alternative spellings golfe or golph) as deriving from Middle English golf or goulf or Old French golfe, meaning "a deep pool or hollow; an abyss"; a cognate of modern English gulf.

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